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Hindus in UK speak for Bangladeshi Hindu persecution

Hindus in Bangladesh were mercilessly targeted during the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja that lasted for over a week. Over 300 temples across 30 districts in Bangladesh were deliberately attacked and damaged, nearly 1500 Hindu homes and businesses were looted and torched and Hindu women and young girls including a 10-year old were raped. There was widespread misinformation and hatred against Hindus on various social media platforms that aggravated these attacks.


In the wake of these ghastly atrocities against the Bangladeshi Hindus, many Hindus in the UK registered their outcry and dissent in large numbers and in many different ways. Spearheaded by UK based Hindu organisations like BHAS UK (Bengali Hindu Adarsha Sangha UK), ISKCON and other Hindu community organisations, protest rallies were held in the heart of London, Birmingham and Edinburgh to condemn the targeted barbaric acts of violence. Hundreds had gathered in front of Bangladesh High Commission in London, Bangladesh Embassy in Edinburgh and in front of the Bangladesh Assistant High Commission in Birmingham in separate protests to show their solidarity with the Bangladeshi Hindus. There was a strong urge within the community to help the unfortunate Hindu community in Bangladesh and let the world know of their plight as such incidents were becoming a common phenomenon in the country. As a result, the minority Hindu community in Bangladesh are compelled to flee the country. The Hindu population has declined from about 30% in 1947 to 8% in 2011. The Hindu communities during the protests demanded the Bangladesh government to punish the perpetrators, ensure protection and human rights of Hindus in the country and prevent such bigoted acts in future.


A letter was also sent by the community to the British Prime minister, Boris Johnson, to throw light on these horrific events and to express their concerns and resentment as the UK is the torch-bearer of defence of human rights on global platforms. They appealed to the Prime Minister to strongly condemn the violence and ensure that the Bangladesh government abides by its promise of upholding and protecting the lives and human rights of its minorities while discussing humanitarian aid and preferential trade agreements.

The Hindu organisations have vowed to continue their protest in various forms in the future. They will continue to support the families of the deceased and injured Bangladeshi Hindus.

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